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George the Farmer is Australia's best-loved farming character. Since he was first launched in July 2014 as an interactive story app, the George the Farmer brand, subsequent products, and performances have won national awards, been backed up by five-star reviews and delighted many kiddies and adults alike all over Australia - and further afield.

Created by friends Simone Kain and Ben Hood, in regional South Australia, George is playing an extremely important role in educating children about farming practices along with how food and fibre (natural fabrics) are produced.

The George story began when Simone was searching for some farming books and apps for her farm-obsessed son, George. Always wanting to be with Dad out on the farm, Simone wanted to find something to entertain and inspire George while he was indoors. She quickly discovered that there wasn't a human farming character worldwide who was telling sequential stories about life on the land for children. Not only that, the stories that she could find weren't relevant to life in Australia using terms such as barn instead of shed and field instead of paddock.

Simone and Ben who both grew up on farming properties and share a creative agency together decided to put their knowledge and passion for agriculture, food, and children to the test to create an Aussie farming larrikin.

George the Farmer is everyone’s mate. With his trusty dog, Jessie, by his side, George tackles the day-to-day activities of Australian farming life with passion, a can-do attitude and most importantly a big smile. He’s a smart and enthusiastic farmer who also happens to be obsessed with sport. 

George’s talented agronomist wife, Dr Ruby, is a true partner who is always there to lend a helping hand or offer some expert advice. 
The couple’s twins, Lucy and Jack, also love to pitch in, and the importance and power of teamwork shines through every time in these Australian farming adventures. 

The challenges faced by the Farmer family in each story mirror daily farming life - with plenty of fun moments as well. From not realising that the seeder has run out of seed to struggling to get the sheep undercover before it begins raining cats and dogs - the quintessentially Australian storylines will delight and amuse the under eight age group and adults alike.