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Don't know your pulses from your legumes or wool from wheat? Never fear, George is here! Learning about agriculture, no matter what your age, can be a lot of fun. In this section you'll find two free Australian school curriculum-aligned teacher's guides as well as individual printables and fun activity ideas that can be created at home or in the classroom.

In 2012, an Australian Council of Educational Research study along with the Primary Industries Education Foundation Australia revealed some staggering statistics with regards to the lack of food and fibre knowledge of Australia's children. Some of the findings included:

  • 27% thought that yoghurt came from a plant
  • 75% believed cotton came from an animal
  • 45% couldn't identify that every day lunch box items such as a banana, bread or piece of cheese originated from a farm

George the Farmer's aim is to help increase food and fibre knowledge through entertaining stories, songs, apps, performance and activities.